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Take a hike!

With the help of experienced guides whose extensive knowledge of the region, its legends, traditions and sacred places, you can visit the most extraordinary attractions in Sintra. We have prepared subject-oriented visits to the mountain and photography-oriented hiking, where two professionals can guide you on a specifically planned route for landscape photography lovers.


In the REGION...


•Visit Sintra

Explore its palaces, its castle, the gardens and unique parks, all of which make Sintra an outstanding site, the "Glorious Eden", as quoted by Lord Byron...


•Play golf on some of the most famous golf courses in Europe.


•Relax on some of the best beaches in Europe and certainly in Portugal.


•Take a bicycle ride through the many paths around the mountain or the wonderful roads that meander along the coast.


•Listen the most beautiful music and watch theater shows in the romantic scenery of Sintra.


•Find out why so many different cultures and civilizations settled here in Sintra, in search of God and the Sacred.


•Find out how and why Sintra became a place for hermits, monks and friars of different Religious Orders.


•Walk around the Convents and find out the real dimension and beauty of these sites.

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