Convento de São Saturnino


The Convent

In a hidden valley of the nature reserve of Serra de Sintra-Cascais lays one of the most jealously guarded treasures of the region – the Convent of São Saturnino. Originally built in the 13th century, today it is one of the most attractive and sought-after hotels in the region.

The building is a living example of Portuguese rural architecture,  an ingenious reconstruction of the ancient ruins, which incorporated four water mills,still in use in 1900.

The result is a magical space of simple, organic constructions in complete harmony with the surrounding natural environment.

The history of this site is lost in time,but artifacts found during the restoration ,which began in 1998,and documentory records, suggest a connection between the present site and the 13 th. century chapel on the hill above, dedicated to Sao Saturnino .In the middle ages this hermitage ,now called Peninha was a popular pilgrimage to this saint ,venerated in all the Iberic Peninsula .

The strategic setting in proximity to both the sea and the mountains give the Convento a unique peacefulness, where there is always plenty of time to contemplate the past.